How To Setup DMZ On Linksys Routers

This post will show you how to use the router’s DMZ feature. This includes configuring the router to forward incoming traffic from the Internet to a specific host on your network in order to share internal applications and files. This article is designed for network engineers, and anyone looking to expose an internal host to the Internet using the Linksys wireless router.

The single Port Forwarding and Port Range Forwarding features allow you to access you internal application and files from the internet. Suppose that you want to access a large number of internal applications hosted on one computer. Instead of configuringĀ  single Port Forwarding and Port Range Forwarding features in order to access these application, you can simply use the DMZ feature to accomplish this in under a minute. After configuring the DMZ feature, the router will redirect any incoming traffic to the computer you have specified in your configuration.
Using this feature, it is highly recommended to set a static IP address for the internal computer instead of let it acquire a dynamic IP address from the Linksys router.

Read the following instructions in order to configure the DMZ feature:

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser application, and enter the IP address in the address field. Then press Enter.

Step 2: In the authentication dialog box, enter the administrator’s username and password. The default values are admin/admin for the username/password. However, on some Linksys router platforms, the default value for the username is the blank and for the password is admin.

Step 3: Click Applications & Gaming.

Step 4: Click DMZ.

Step 5: Select Enable in order to activate the DMZ feature. Otherwise, click Disable.

Step 6: In the DMZ Host IP Address text box, enter the IP address of the DMZ host.

Step 7: Click Save Settings.

Note that Internet users will use your router’s public IP address in order to access your DMZ host. Therefore, you should buy a static public IP address because the router’s public IP address changes. However, you can avoid this by configuring the Dynamic DNS feature.

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Linksys Router Setup: DMZ

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