Linksys Router Setup

Setting up a Linksys router is easy to do if you follow the steps provided in this tutorial. Upon the completion of this post, you’ll learn how to perform Linksys wireless router setup in order to share Internet connection and connect your wireless devices to your home wireless network. Before starting configuring your Linksys wireless router, let’s see what are the different features you can configure in Linksys router setup web-based interface?


Linksys Router Settings Web-Based Interface

The Linksys wireless routers contain a web-based interface allowing you to administer the wireless router, and its related features simply. This web-based interface includes the following tabs:


Linksys Router Setup Page

  • Setup tab: allows you to setup Internet Connection, DHCP service, DDNS, MAC Address Clone, and advanced routing.
  • Wireless tab: is used to configure basic/advanced wireless settings, wireless security, and wireless MAC filtering.
  • Security tab: lets you setup the Linksys router’s firewall, and the VPN feature.
  • Access Restriction tab: allows you to restrict inbound/outbound Internet traffic based on Internet services (HTTP, FTP, POP…), Internet hosts, your network computers, and time.
  • Application and Gaming tab: lets you publish your internal application servers on the Internet, setup the DMZ feature to protect your exposed hosts to the Internet, and provide better service to specific hosts/application on your network.
  • Administration tab: allows you to setup router’s access, setup security and logging features, start diagnostic tests, restore the router to its default configuration, upgrade your firmware, and backup/restore the router’s configuration file.
  • Status tab: displays the status of your router, local network, and wireless network.

Linksys Router Setup Process

Linksys Router Setup

Step 1: Launch your Internet browser program.


Step 2: In the Address filed, type the IP address, and then press Enter.


Step 3: Type admin for the admin username and password. This is the default setting for a lot of Linksys routers. On the other hand, in some Linksys router versions, you should leave the username field blank and enter admin in the password field.


Step 4: In the Encapsulation list, select the protocol mentioned by your ISP to be used for starting the Internet connection.


Step 5: Select the appropriate Multiplexing type. In general, you can skip this step and let this setting be set automatically.


Step 6: Select the valid QoS type for your Internet connection. Like in the previous step, this setting can be set automatically according the type of encapsulation.


Step 7: Enter the VPI/VCI settings. You can let the Linksys router detects them automatically, or enter the values supplied by your ISP (Internet service Provider).


Step 8: Select the type of your DSL Modulation.


Step 9: In the username and password text boxes, type your Internet account’s username and password.


Step 10: Now, choose one from the following options:

  • Connect on Demand: tells the Linksys router to launch Internet Connection every time a computer wants Internet access. Furthermore, you must setup the Max Idle Time (quantity of time that the Linksys router will keep Internet connection up before shutting it down if it did not receive any user Internet request within that interval time).
  • Keep Alive: this option tells the Linksys router to keep the Internet connection up all the time.


Step 11: Goto the network Setup area, and click on the enable option in the case that DHCP were disabled.


Step 12: Type the start IP address (allocated for first DHCP request).


Step 13: In the Maximum Number of DHCP users, type the number of IP addresses that you authorize your Linksys router to assign. Set this field to the number of devices inyour network.


Step 14: Type the client lease time (amount of time a network computer can keep using the IP Address offered by the router).


Step 15: Type you DNS servers’ IP addresses. If you do not know them, then you can use these values: and


Step 16: Click on Save Settings.


Finally, I suggest you to buy our Linksys router setup guide in order to learn how to setup all your Linksys wireless router’s features.


Linksys Router Setup Video

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