Linksys Router’s MAC Address Clone

MAC Address Clone Overview

A MAC address is a string that identifies a network adapter and it contains 12 figures. Consequently, you may not find two network adapters with the same MAC address, unless a mistake was made by the network adapter vendor.

A lot of ISPs necessitates their customers to provide their usernames and passwords to establish Internet connection. But, some of them involve the registration of your router’s MAC address with your ISP. Whenever your router is replaced with a new one, you should register the new router’s MAC address with your ISP. However, you can avoid this using the MAC Address Clone feature built in your Linksys router.  This feature lets you send the MAC address of your old router to your ISP, instead of the new one. Therefore, you will not have to register the new router’s MAC address with your Internet Service Provider.

MAC Address Clone Configuration Process

  1. Launch your Internet browser program.
  2. In the Address filed, type the IP address, and then press Enter.
  3. Type admin in the Username and Password fields. This is the default setting for a lot of Linksys routers. On the other hand, in some Linksys router versions, you should leave the username field blank and enter admin in the password field.
  4. Click on MAC Address Clone.
  5. Click on Enable to enable the MAC Address Clone feature. Otherwise, click on Disable.
  6. In the User Defined Entry field, type the old MAC address registered with you ISP.
  7. Click on Clone Your PC’s MAC Address.
  8. Click on Save Settings.

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