Linksys Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding Overview

The Linksys Port Forwarding feature facilitates applications and files sharing over Internet. Therefore, you access files and programs hosted on your wireless network from the Internet. In others words, you can make it possible to users on the Internet to utilize your internal application and resources (HTTP/HTTPS services, files transfer services, Email services, gaming…). You may know the port and protocol (TCP or UDP) used by each of the previous services in order to access them. Additionally, you have to setup your Linksys router to redirect incoming traffic toward specific port and protocol to the appropriate device hosting the related application. To accomplish this, use Linksys router’s function named “Port Range Forwarding”. This feature gives you the ability to map a single port or a range of port and protocol (TCP or UDP) to a device on your internal network.

Port Forwarding Setup Process

  1. Launch your Internet browser program.
  2. In the Address filed, type the IP address, and then press Enter.
  3. Type admin for the admin username and password. This is the default setting for a lot of Linksys routers. On the other hand, in some Linksys router versions, you should leave the username field blank and enter admin in the password field.
  4. Click Applications & Gaming.
  5. Click on Port Range Forwarding.
  6. In the Application field, Type a name for the current application.
  7. In the Start field, type the start port of the current range.
  8. In the End field, type the end port of the current range.
  9. Select either UDP or TCP, or both in the Protocol field.
  10. In the IP Address field, type the IP address of the device hosting the actual application.
  11. Select Enable to enable port forwarding for the actual application.
  12. Click on Save Settings.

Keep in mind that users on the Internet should use your router’s actual IP address to access your applications hosted on your network. For this reason, Internet users should know the actual public IP address assigned to your router before trying to connect to the specific internal application. However, you circumvent this issue by allowing your Internet users to access internal programs using a DNS domain name. To do this you have to setup the Dynamic DNS feature.

Linksys Router Setup : Port Range Forwarding

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